Graduates – The variety roles available in hospitality

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Graduates – The variety roles available in hospitality

Hospitality isn’t really the first choice of a career path for most graduates. It seems to lack the appeal of marketing, corporate finance or consulting. We have the perception that this industry is just cleaning rooms or working in a restaurant, with little career progression or excitement.

But, what if I told you that you were wrong? What if I told you that there is an abundance of opportunities with the chance to work your way to the top? Well, keep reading and you will find out why Hospitality has a role to suit you.

So, what opportunities are there?

There are great opportunities within the Hospitality sector, no matter what field you want to go in to, as well as plenty of room for progression. There are jobs opportunities available in sales and marketing, finance, event planning, management, engineering and much more, the list really does go on! With Hotel chains across the globe, you even have the chance to travel. So no matter what area you want to specialise in, or where, there will be a role here for you. Here is a brief insight into what you could be doing.

Sales and Marketing

All hospitality-related businesses require people to promote them to keep their business thriving, and this is where sales and marketing come in. Job roles in sales and marketing can include meeting new clients, developing a sales and pricing strategy or promoting the hotel through various social media channels. If you are creative and a people person then this role will be great for you.


Help to assist in managing revenues, financial and tax audits and keep track of the financial transactions in the hotel to make sure all money is accurately recorded.  Perfect if you’re a master of numbers!

 Events Planning

Many hotels have event spaces or conference rooms that they rent out for various events, spanning from meetings to luxurious weddings. As an events planner, you can be responsible for organising and managing events, right from start to the event itself. You can be expected to help run the events, attend them, as well as plan out the logistics.


If you are someone that wants to strive towards a managerial position, then you are in luck! There are a host of managerial positions within the hospitality industry. You can become a general manager who oversees the whole hotel, an operations manager, accounts manager, marketing manager or even a kitchen manager. There are plenty of positions that will you provide you with the opportunity to progress, as long as you put in the hard work and are driven, then nothing will stop you in the hospitality industry.


A member of hotel maintenance has many tasks in the upkeep of the hotel that they must perform on a daily basis. Usually, hotel maintenance staff will be working across the hotel, from the front desk, to the restaurant and also in the rooms. Some of the roles you could be doing could be helping to optimise energy consumption in the hotel, repairing anything faulty as well as interacting with customers to a high level. This role is very varied, so you could be doing something different every day.


Not only are there numerous roles within the Hospitality industry, you have the opportunity to travel too! We know how much graduates love to travel and take advantage of opportunities across the globe, so with hotel chains branching out globally, there is the opportunity to work abroad too. How exciting is that?

So, what are you waiting for? With this many exciting roles and opportunities, why not kick start your career now.

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