Hospitality Job Roles – Chef de Partie

Hospitality Job Roles – Chef de Partie

Here at Start Work Today, we thought it would be a great idea to write a few articles about the variety of roles in the Hospitality industry. Often we are aware of a certain position, but we have no idea what that role really involves and what it is we could be doing. Which could be pretty detrimental if you don’t realise that you may, in fact, have the skills to be a perfect fit for it!

Today we are going to take you through the role of a Chef de Partie and everything you need to know about it!

The day-to-day

Chef de Parties oversee a certain section in a kitchen, for example, fish, sauces, desserts etc. For this reason, it can often be called other things such as Station Chef. Often you will be supported by a Demi-Chef de Partie, a Commis Chef or a Trainee Chef which will make up your section team. Regularly Chef de Parties will cook fine dining cuisine and French dishes, however, even modern and less formal kitchens have multiple sections that need covering.

What would my main responsibilities be?

  • Preparing, cooking and presenting dishes within your section or speciality.
  • Managing and training any demi-chef de parties or commis chefs working in your section.
  • Assisting the sous chef and head chef to develop and create new dishes and menus
  • Always ensuring that both you and your team maintain high standards of food hygiene and follow the rules of health and safety.
  • Monitoring portion and being aware of waste management to maintain profit margins

What skills will I need for the role?

  • Creativity and passion for cuisine
  • Excellent cooking skills
  • The ability to remain calm in high pressured environments
  • To be able to delegate responsibility effectively
  • Organisation and time management

What kind of hours will I work?

Hours will vary as it will revolve around shift work to fit in with dining times, therefore, evenings and weekends are a definite. It is a busy role and it is common to work around 40 hours a week.

Will I need qualifications?

In the hospitality industry, it is well known to be able to work your way up in many roles and the kitchen roles are no different.  People can often start off by taking part in a modern apprenticeship course which allows you to study on the job! Many Chef de parties will often have been commis chefs for a number of years gaining experience in the role and to have at least an NVQ/SQ Level 2 or equivalent is common. Oher great qualifications to have are also:

  • BTEC HND in professional cookery
  • A foundation degree in culinary arts
  • Any health and safety and food hygiene courses
  • The 14-19 Hospitality & Catering diploma
  • City & Guilds diplomas in professional cookery

What is the Salary like?

On average in the UK a Chef de partie can look to receive a salary between £18,300 – £20,500 but of course it does depend on your location and the type of restaurant. Some 5* London hotel restaurants offer even higher salaries than that!

 Is it for me?

If you’re the kind of person that is energetic and has bags of energy and loves a fast pace work environment this could be just up your street! As well as that, you also have to enjoy working closely with a team to provide an excellent service. As head of your section, you have to have the confidence to delegate, direct and those working with you that may have less experience.


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And remember!   – keep your eyes peeled for more articles on the different hospitality roles out there!


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