5 of the most common Hospitality Interview Questions you need to be prepared for!

5 of the most common Hospitality Interview Questions you need to be prepared for!

When it comes to interviews let’s face it, who really enjoys them? They are a really nerve-wracking process, especially because of that one situation that everybody fears… being asked a question and suddenly going blank! You’re left just staring at the interviewer wishing that the ground would just swallow you whole.

Here at Start Work Today we completely understand your worries which is why we have composed a list of 5 of the most common hospitality interview questions so that you can fully prepare and avoid those cringe-worthy interview moments! 

  1. What do you know about our company?

There really is no magical answer to this question. You simply cannot answer this without researching the company! The hospitality industry is a busy one, and companies love what they do and so it’s only natural they want to find someone that is as passionate about the company and the industry as they are. Employers want to know that you not only want the role but you want to work for them! It is equally important to reflect on the culture of the company as an understanding of the culture will give you a clear edge ahead of competitors. A great way to get some background knowledge of the company you’ve applied for is checking out their website, social media profiles and any news articles they have been in.

Whatever you do the main rule here is that research is key!  

  1. Why do you want to work for us? 

Once again, to answer this question you need to start by researching the company. Do you have the same values? Do you like the culture of the company? If so, these are the kind of things you want to mention. But be warned – do not simply tell the employer what they want to hear, most interviewers can see right through this!

Remember, it’s important that the company is a right fit for you too! 

  1. What is your prior experience in the hospitality industry?

For many of you, you will have a vast array of experience in the hospitality industry and a great variety of experience that you will want to share. This is a great question that allows you to show off your previous achievements and notable experiences. Of course, do make sure that you are not simply repeating your CV, the interviewer wants background!

Of course, not everyone has a long history of working in hospitality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t answer this question. Even if the hospitality world is new to you, it does not mean you haven’t got a plethora of valuable experience.  Focus on telling the interviewer about the transferable skills and qualities you have that are perfect for hospitality. They are just as important! 

  1. What challenges do you expect to face in the hospitality industry?

This is a chance for you to show what you know about this industry. Essentially the employer wants to know that you have what it takes to thrive in this energetic and fast-paced industry. You need to ensure you have demonstrated how you handle challenges in the workplace and what skills you used to overcome them. Perhaps some of your strengths go hand in hand with this. Make sure you say so. If they are not, be honest and explain how you would work and improve on this.

  1. What are your career goals in the hospitality industry?

This is a great way to see how serious you are about the industry, and if you have the ambition or desire to work your way to the top. By showing the interviewer that you have plans to stay within the industry and progress, it shows that you are hard-working and will be committed to the role.  Additionally, this industry is well known for its career prospects, if you are willing to work hard your opportunities are endless. So make sure you mention what your goals are and how this is a benefit to the company!

Well, there you have it! 5 of the most common interview questions for the hospitality industry. We hope you take note of these key points and remember – Preparation is the key to success!!!

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